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AMD Zen 5 Architecture Already in Progress may come to market by 2021


AMD new Zen architecture is performed very well than any other processors of AMD till now, AMD last year launched the first generation of Zen architecture and Zen 2 and Zen 3 are in a queue for upcoming years. But, AMD has already started working on Processors based on Zen 5 architecture, its sounds surprising as the current Ryzen CPUs has initially launched Zen architecture.

So what’s there, that the AMD started working on Zen 5 so early, although the AMD has to work on the there Zen 5 architecture any time in near future, However, this is so early than our expectation. AMD already disclosed their roadmap for future and according to the roadmap Zen+ architecture based 2nd Generation Ryzen processors probably launch in April 2018, a more refined and optimized processor based on 12 nm process technology, next the Zen 2 and Zen 3 Architecture based processor will be based on 7 nm process technology, may come to market between Zen+ and the year 2020.

Zen 5 will be arriving just next after the Zen 3, But what happened to Zen 4? Apparently, this number in the series is being skipped because it is associated with negative or unlucky connotations in China.

Zen 5 architecture based processor may launch in early 2021 or later. No actual information has been shared with anyone as of now like the process technology it uses, and it’s too early to comment and expect something about the product which is still on the initial days of development.

At this time, it’s interesting to see that AMD has already begun work on these chips, let see what outcome will serve by AMD to us when its officially launch any time in upcoming years.


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