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Apple is Planning to replace Intel’s Chip from Mac Computers to it Own Chip by 2020


It’s been the long time since 2005 Apple is using Intel’s Chip in their Mac lineup, though they have their own chips for iPhones and iPad packed with great performance. Intel is a very senior player in a market when it comes to the computer processor. Now Apple wanted to replace Intel’s processors and planning to have their own chips in their Mac Computers by 2020.

Apple has already started developing it and the whole setup is still in the early developmental stage, code-named Kalamata. This all is the part of the bigger strategy what Apple is thinking to make their devices work more similarly and seamlessly altogether – Report

Now according to other analysts about Apple chip development against Intel

“While it’s possible that Apple may replace Intel in some of its lower-end product lines, we think it will be difficult for Apple to completely replace Intel by 2020, especially on its higher-end offerings,” said Summit Insights group analyst Kinngai Chan.

The Mac plays a small part in Apple’s overall financial picture, with sales of 19.2 million units last year and accounting for 11 percent of Apple’s $229.2 billion (roughly Rs. 14.9 lakh crores) in revenue for fiscal 2017.

But according to the report IDC research firm – while the laptop and desktop sales are┬ástruggling due to smartphones and tablets, Mac computers sale somehow rose by 4 percent in 2017.

While Apple’s reported move away from Intel would be a major shift for its Mac lineup, it follows years of increasing focus on designing its own chips for its devices. The company has been designing its own iPhone processors since the release of the iPhone 4 in 2010 and has steadily increased the amount of chip work it handles itself.




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