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Google Mesh Wi-Fi Routers might Launch in India in April Month


Google is planning to launch their Mesh wifi router in India in coming months, Actually, these mesh routers are already been launched back in 2016 in US and UK. So if you haven’t heard about this kind of Wifi hardware by google then its Google’s innovative hardware which improves the wifi network at home and gives you the better experience of the internet.

Google’s Mesh routers create a mesh network through the group of routers connected with each other wirelessly and create a single wifi network and because this mesh network has multiple routers which help you to get powerful signal strength and coverage in every part of your house by keeping the router in different areas. which simply can’t be possible via a single wireless router.

A recent report of 91 mobiles, indicates that the company is finally planning to launch this mesh routers in India next month in April 2018. After the penetration of internet increased in India and the data consumption is increasing day by day we need more high-speed bandwidth network to feed up our different devices like Smart TV, Smartphone, Computers, etc. this mesh solution of Google might help to get wide network coverage and better signal quality.

The Google Wifi system comes with a companion app which can be used to set up the network and control it from your smartphone. The app is showing different thinks about the devices like what all devices are connected to your mesh routers, run a speed test, quickly troubleshoot, set up a guest network and more. With the app, you can give your kids a break from Wi-Fi by disconnecting their devices, block millions of explicit websites, prioritize a device to get the fastest data speed, among others.

Currently, this Network segment is only occupied by companies like Netgear, TP-Link, D-link, etc and now Google is coming to compete with these players in the market. it will be good to see how Google will come up with their product and what will be the pricing.



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