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Intel Z390 Chipset : New High End Coffee Lake Motherboard Chipset


Intel Z390 chipset details may be or intentionally accidentally published in the intel’s documentation on weekends, and AnandTech first spotted and reveals the details by confirming about suspicions of a new high-end chipset waiting in the Queue. This was an unexpected disclosure of information, No prior warning was given, and we were expecting something similar to perhaps pop up during Computex in a few weeks. Now Intel has pulled out the page, might be it was a mistake.

When Intel launched its first 8th gen coffee lake processors last year in October 2017 then we have only one option, Z370 chipset motherboard, which is a flagship chipset motherboard with high-end capabilities, Luxurious hardware especially made to pairs well with enthusiast-class processors like Coffee Lake’s flagship Core i7-8700K. But in many cases, it does not sit well with low-cost processors like core i3 or sometimes core i5 (Non-Overclockable) combine with Z370 motherboard. In April month 2018, Intel finally launched the full line up of the 8th gen coffee lake processors and the full line up of 300 series motherboard and surprisingly the cheaper motherboard like H310, B360 and H370 come with some more advanced features that the Z370 motherboard lacks.

The new motherboards integrate support for speedy 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen.2 ports into the chipset, and also move a lot of the functions needed for wireless networking into the platform controller hub itself with Intel’s CNVi wireless-AC technology. Those sorts of premium features were a glaring hole in premium Z370 motherboards and made the very clear speculation that Intel will come up with another high-end chipset anytime soon to retains the premiums feature of Z-Series.

Indeed, Z390 is real, and as expected, the new chipset shares the same basic features as Z370, but with the new additions found in the cheaper motherboards now included. Z390 boards will include up to six USB 3.1 Gen. 2 ports, compared to four in the lesser-priced chipsets. Z390 motherboards can also include integrated 802.11ac wireless capabilities if the motherboard manufacturer chooses to do so. Z390 specifications are pretty much similar to Z370 including support for CPU overclocking with compatible K-series chips, RAID setups, and Optane Memory. This chart from our comprehensive guide to Intel 8th-gen motherboards shows what you get from the Z370, H370, Q370, B360, and H310 chipsets.

Now, what if you have just purchased the Z370 chipset motherboard or planning to buy soon then here are the things you keep in mind. The main differences depend on if you use USB 3.1 (10 Gbps) ports or Wi-Fi. If those features are something already in use on the Z370 board in play, then the only difference is that the Z390 motherboard might* use slightly less power (less than a few watts) or that the Z390 version might* have been slightly cheaper. But if anything, you are not missing out on that much. If you do not use those features, then there is no real loss.

Z390 is the tru high-end chipset for 8th gen but when it going to launch still no strong reports from Intel or any other officials, Intel’s documentation didn’t mention a launch date. But as part of a massive leak of Intel that Z390 is scheduled to launch at Computex (first week of June).





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